couverture, jaquette La colline aux coquelicots  Limited Edition Blu-ray (Studio Ghibli)
© 2011 Chizuru Takahashi · Tetsuro Sayama · GNDHDDT
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La colline aux coquelicots
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In 1963 in Yokohama, Umi is a high school girl of 16 years old and lives in a house located on a hill overlooking the harbour. On every morning, she raises a signal flag which is "a pray for everybody to get a safe trip" as her father died on his ship during Korean war. Meanwhile, the entire nation is going through a transformation to ready itself for the approaching Tokyo Olympic Game, and old building are destroyed for new ones. The old crumbling Culture Club "Quartier Latin" building inside Umi's high school is also about to be swept over by the transformation. Shun is one of student leaders who try to protect the beloved building, and they garner enthusiastic support from students. Then as Umi suggests, they begin their opposition by cleaning up the place. But this "clean up" will go further than they think.

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